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Plasma Ceramic – the Ace

Surface Technology of the Future


CERANOD® plasma ceramic (PEO) technology created in the electrolyte, wherein the metal surface is converted into a plasma discharge to form a dense, atomically adherent ceramic layer.

It is therefore superior to all the other processes in which ceramic coatings are applied, because atomic bonds are the most stable bond forms.

Extremely hard and abrasion resistant

The reached hardness on magnesium is in the range up to 900 HV and on aluminium at 1300 to 2000 HV.
The abrasion resistance is improved significantly compared to the hard anodizing process.

Different layer thickness
Ceramization forms a homogeneous coating with a definable layer thickness.
The typical thickness of specially hard ceramic layers is in the range of 10 microns to 200 microns.

Excellent heat resistant
A CERANOD® layer on aluminium can briefly resist temperatures up to 2000 °C (3600 °F) without a change in the structure of the layer.
This also means that all the aluminum body is able to withstand a short-term thermal shock without impairing the plasma ceramic layer.

Sensational corrosion resistance
How many thousands of hours of salt spray test you need?
We provide you with the appropriate application.

The ceramic applications can be optimized by impregnation specifically for your application.
There are materials such as PTFE here to choose to combine the specific advantages of each system.

Environmental issues
The procedure exclusively uses materials that are neither toxic nor harmful to the environment.

The processes do not emit any harmful substances and are free from chromium, so CERANOD® ceramic can be described as completely environmentally friendly .


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