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CERANOD® outside.

Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust.
In addition, this alloy can be recycled as secondary raw material particularly efficient. Its importance as a lightweight construction material is therefore the future.

The CERANOD® brand of ELB® stands for high-end decorative surfaces and components for unparalleled long-lasting and reliable protection in mechanical engineering, aviation and aerospace engineering, offshore engineering, medical and many other industries of the future.

Micro cross-linked CERANOD® nano-structure surfaces are among the five hardest materials in the world. They resist up to 100,000-fold higher loads than conventionally anodized aluminium.

With the CERANOD® coating technology aluminium surfaces can be precisely adapted to the needs of your application and bring you the competitive advantage.

ELB® produces at the highest technical level.
Eco-friendly, fully automated processes guarantee 100 % quality and reproducibility.

ELB® in terms of surface treatment for aluminium is your
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