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To meet extremely high requirements: That's not a problem

CERANOD® hybrid surfaces offer unmatched durable and reliable protection of components in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, offshore engineering, medical engineering and many other industries with special future prospects.

New fields of application in the high-tech industries constantly define new demands on component and product surfaces. Todays calls for properties were considered incompatible until recently.

Extremely smooth or rough or adhesive surfaces, hydrophobic or hydrophilic, biocompatible or bactericidal, very rigid or flexible surfaces as possible. The list of tasks for surface-to-measure is endless, the possibilities seem endless.

Micro-crosslinked CERANOD® nanostructure surfaces are among the world's five hardest materials.
They withstand up to 100,000-fold higher loads than conventionally anodized aluminium.

Due to the extremely wide CERANOD® spectrum of technologies and materials ELB overcome almost any surface technical challenge in cheaper and ecologically safe to use production.


CERANOD® PLUS: An unique feature