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What are the benefits of an anodized surface and why it is used?

  • protects against corrosion
  • makes the surface hard and wear resistant
  • preserves and enhances the decorative effect and the metallic character of the aluminium
  • the possibility of coloring

Our production program includes the anodization in all major versions, always in superior CERANOD® quality:

  • Fully automatic production
  • Individual single production
  • Large oversize parts
    up to 2500 kg  [5500 lb] 
    up to 3000 x 6000 mm  [118 x 236 in]

>  Oversize parts, special colors and special parts
depending on the customer, just ask!

>  Technical and decorative anodizing
for special applications, for example with required dimensional accuracy and design for interior applications and products in silver and shades.

>  Hard anodizing
for example for special requirements and demands in jigs and fixtures or in medical and optical precision engineering.
>  Plasma ceramic layers
CERANOD® ceramizing for maximum surface protection with defined physical, mechanical and functional characteristics.

The outstanding physical properties of these oxide layers open up
a wide field for various applications.

We also realize seawater resistant and food-safe coating types.

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